Emerson Peace and Social Justice

Emerson College’s non-hierarchical student organization

Student Campaigns April 27, 2009

Emerson Peace and Social Justice (EPSJ) is a non-hierarchical student organization at Emerson College. Students run awareness and action campaigns geared towards social justice issues and perform service in the Emerson and Boston communities. Below is a list and explanation of some the campaigns run by EPSJ students.

Fair Trade
Students actively seek to increase the amount and variety of fair trade products available on the Emerson campus and in the Boston community. One of our main goals is also spreading awareness about what fair trade is, what benefits it has, and how people can support it. Primarily, this is done through our semi-annual Fair Trade Chocolate and Coffee Tasting Night events hosted around Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Local Farming
Launched in the fall of 2006, its mission is getting locally grown foods integrated into the Emerson College Dining Hall. By providing students with locally grown options, the campus can support the local economy, offer healthier meal options, and support responsible land development. Eating local also cuts down on air pollution and the use of fossil fuels by reducing the distance the food has to travel from farm to table.

Formerly Students Taking Action Now: Darfur, STAND is a student anti-genocide coalition network of student activists committed to raising awareness and promoting an end to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. Life EPSJ, STAND is an umbrella organization for over 600 divisions in colleges, universities, and high schools nation- and world-wide. STAND is a division of the Genocide Intervention Network.


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